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The solitary figure stood atop the desolate cliff, the wind whipping her hair around her face. Below, the sprawling expanse of her home lay silent, its lights flickering weakly in the encroaching darkness. Her gaze, once filled with a glimmer of hope for the humanity of her own family, now held only disdain and disappointment.

In the stillness of the night, memories flooded her mind, a relentless tide of shattered dreams and broken promises. She remembered the faces of those she had once sought to protect, the innocence she had hoped to preserve within her own children. But now, those memories seemed distant, overshadowed by the pervasive darkness that had seeped into the fabric of human existence. The blood of her own child spilled by her other child began the infestation of these thoughts, and the exile of her other child that killed him drove the final stake into what was left of her soul.

As she clenched her fists, the echoes of human suffering reverberated in her ears, a haunting chorus that refused to be silenced. She had once believed in their potential, their capacity for redemption. But their persistent descent into depravity had shattered her faith, leaving only a bitter resolve in its wake. Her children devolved to murder within only one generation. This experiment was an utter failure, and her father’s words no longer brought her any comfort.

With a heavy heart, Eve turned away, her footsteps marking the path of her abandonment. She would no longer be their matriarch, their guardian against the encroaching darkness. They were beyond salvation, lost in the depths of their own malice and greed. She berated herself for daring to feel hope, to feel excitement at this entire project. How foolish she was to believe that she could protect them. There was nothing that they needed protection from, only their own fallow hearts. Her curse now lay with the mantle of Nephilim. No death. No release. Only witnessing the propagation of blood, breath, and bone that would continue to defile itself for all time and eternity.

As she vanished into the shadows, a solitary figure against the backdrop of a dying world, the last remnants of her hope for humanity flickered and faded, consumed by the relentless march of their own destruction.

If she could not die, she would at least rend her person asunder. Eve ceased to exist, the name given to her by God himself, no longer carried weight with her. Lilith stepped forth into the wilds, and God be merciful to any mortal who crossed her path, for they find none from Lilith.