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Laurie has red hair, white teeth, and a fierce double chin.

About Laurie

Laurie Kamrowski has been making her mark on the world for roughly 45 years, and she's not slowing down anytime soon. As the proud mom of a lively brood of youngsters, she embraces the chaos and wouldn't have it any other way. Laurie's love affair with computers dates back to the tender age of 4, when her dad gifted her family with their first Vic 20. Since then, she's been hooked on gaming, with Ultima holding a special place in her heart. In fact, Laurie was such a fan that she even dabbled in the art of hexediting to give the game a bit of a personal touch.

Age: 45

Located: Michigan

Kiddos, Fur Babies, etc.: Oh dear god. I have *so* many. Let me break it down. I gave birth to Brandon, Xander, and Aeris, but Aeris passed away a few minutes after being born. Then I became a foster mom to Kendra, my fiery little honey badger, when she came to live with us when she was 16. I recently got married and now I also have Ally, so that's a total of 5. I also have a heckin chonker of a doggo named Brute, and we also have two cats: Peaches and Captain O'Malley Jerkface III, esq.

Hobbies: Gaming (of course), horror movies, programming (because there is something deeply wrong with me), and just in general being chaos incarnate.

Education: Associates from Mid Michigan College, Liberal Arts Transfer (Computer Science focused)

Role: Owner and Project Lead. Which is funny. I usually say that if I am the adult in the room, we're all going to die.

Laurie's Socials:

Black and white photo of Jeri, who is wearing a head wrap and glasses

About Jeri

Creative Writing and Digital Marketing Mastermind, at your service!

Age: 36

Located: Oklahoma

Name’s Jeri Smith, or you can refer to me by my online moniker - JRae. I am 36 years old and come to you from good ol’ Green Country - that’s Northeast Oklahoma if you require specification. I have a bachelors in Communications with an emphasis on The Arts and a minor in Global Humanities. I hold not one but TWO masters level degrees from Full Sail University: Creative Writing for Entertainment and Digital Marketing. I have been married for eleven years as of 12/10/2023. No kids, sadly. That just wasn’t in the cards. But that’s a whole trauma dump for another occasion.

I am a geek, a gamer, an anime nerd, a wife, a survivor, a doting aunt to two adorable girls… there’s not much more to say about myself. That’s the short and sweet of it.

However, now that the basics have been spilled out…

I have known Boss Lady, also known as Laurie Kamrowski, for a number of years online. We met through the Markiplier fandom and community and it’s been kind of history ever since. We share a lot of the same mindsets with enough differences to keep things interesting. Gaming and storytelling are two of those areas that we are alike. That’s where my role at Dark Lamb comes into relevance. I’m here to help iron out the storytelling and pacing of our projects and to help guide our marketing team to a (hopeful) eventual success. This also means you’ll likely see me peeking in on our social media pages *cue the eyes emoji*.

My main goal? To help our team deliver a series of stories that is not only entertaining but helps you think and evaluate not only yourself but the world at large.

So, for now, I shall wave and say adieu and go back into my shadowy corner and back to work. We got projects to deliver!!

Until next time! ~ JRae